The Government have allocated every school with funding called Pupil Premium.  This funding is to be used to narrow the gap of educational attainment with a specific focus upon children who are entitled to free school meals.  In our school this funding helps every child to make progress as we assess every child and provide booster support accordingly.  Our results are extremely positive and our practice has been endorsed by Her Majesty’s Inspector.  If you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our latest Ofsted Inpection report also provides Pupil Premium information.

Pupil Premium Strategy – 2018/2019

St Leo’s and Southmead Catholic Primary Pupil Premium Strategy 2017/2018

Pupil Premium 2016/2017

IMPACT OF Pupil Premium 2016/2017

Pupil Premium 2015/2016

IMPACT OF Pupil Premium 2015/2016

Pupil Premium 2014/2015

IMPACT OF Pupil Premium 2014/2015


Sports Funding 2018-2019

Sports Premium Impact 2017-2018

Sports Funding Premium 2017/2018


P.E. Impact 2016 and 2017

Sports Premium 2016/2017