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Year 5 Blog

Welcome to the Year 5 blog, we will post photographs of work completed each half term and keep you up to date with exciting events in class.

Summer 2022

Creative Writing – The children have shown amazing collaborative skills and originality in identifying the key events and facts in a story.  They worked together to create evidence boards and wrote defence or prosecuting statements in order to convict or exonerate Goldilocks!! 

Jubilee party – The children all had an amazing day celebrating the Queen’s platinum jubilee.  They took part in a wide range of activities from designing and making their own bunting, playing God save the Queen on the tenor horn to holding a ‘street party’ and having afternoon tea. An amazing time was had by all!

Art – The children designed a talking textiles piece of art using a range of media.  They displayed amazing resilience, originality and independence skills whilst producing their finished pieces of art.


The children investigated how to transfer energy into light and sound and then discussed how we can transform energy into good actions


This half term we are focussing on forces and investigating how gravity, friction and water resistance affect how objects move.  The children have displayed fantastic investigative, collaborative and focus skills already! 


The children worked collaboratively in order to produce persuasive statements in favour of or against a hotel being built.  They investigated the effects on the human and physical environment, and considered the construction from differing viewpoints.


The children designed their talking textiles piece and have begun to prepare their backgrounds, displaying originality and focus in their designs.

British Science Week 2022

The children have taken part in exciting activities all week, from investigating surface tension with magic milk, experimenting with how capillaries transport water around flowers and culminating in a trip to the Catalyst Science Museum where the children were immersed in Science all day and watched an amazing changing materials show

2nd Half Spring term 2022

World Book Day!

The children in Year 5 were amazing authors and inspirational illustrators today, they created a variety of World Book Day activities and collaborated to make a class book all about the joy of reading!


The children are working on the ‘Healthy Me’ topic and have been discussing the dangers of smoking and how it is portrayed in the media.  They demonstrated excellent collaborations and resilience skills.


This half term the children are studying the Maya civilisation.  Today they were exploring the role of archaeologists and looking at what we can discover by studying historical artefacts.  The children looked at a variety of artefacts and worked collaboratively to discover what facts they could infer from them.


The children have been acquiring and honing an essential life skill this week.  They have displayed amazing resilience, independence and focus skills.

1st Half Spring term 2022


The children have been discussing their hopes and dreams and investigating the steps needed to achieve their ambitions.  The children have displayed amazing focus, collaboration and independence in completing both group and independent tasks.


The children have been exploring nouns and worked in pairs to complete a range of puzzles.


The children have been planning and writing a prequel to ‘The Lost Happy Endings in English.  They have shown amazing originality in the writing and superb resilience during our extended write!


Multiplication and Division

This half term we have been looking at multipying by 10, 100 and 1000.  The children have shown amazing resilience and problem solving skills through their independent and group work


This half term the children are experimenting with augmented reality, they have explored an app called quiver to make their creations come to life.  The children have displayed fantastic resilience and independence skills as well as a range of computing skills


This half term we have been looking at Earth and Space, the children have been exploring the fact that the Earth, Moon and Sun are spherical bodies which orbit aroung each other and investigating the phases of the moon.  They have been using their independence, collaboration, focus and originality skills.


The children have enjoyed practising gymnastic moves and positions, both sitting and standing manoeuvres,  They demonstrated perseverance, independence, resilience and collaboration skills.


The children experimented using body sounds to compose, rehearse and perform a piece of music to represent sounds from the rainforest to link in with our Geography topic on Brazil.  They showed amazing originality and collaborative skills

2nd Half Autumn term 2021


For or PSHE topic we have been focusing on celebrating difference, the children have investigated a variety of scenarios and explored forms direct and indirect and indirect bullying and how to deal with instances of it. The children used amazing resilience, independence and collaboration skills to develop board games with scenarios and actions that could improve a situation or make it worse.


The children have enjoyed learning about and investigating square and cube numbers



This half term the children have been exploring Shakespeare through the Tempest, the children wrote and acted out their own scenes featuring Miranda and Prospero, demonstrating originality, collaboration and resilience skills.


This half term the children have been learning about famous British scientists and their influence upon scientific understanding today, they have explored Newton’s theories and this week were learning about Stephen Hawking and his work on gravitational pull and singularity theory.  They investigated the relationship between weight, mass and gravitational pull


The children have been practising and consolidating the athletics skills, developing their technique, endurance and stamina.  This week they have been competing to beat their personal best scores demonstrating focus and resilience, and have also been demonstrating collaborative skills in their team long distance and relay runs.


The children have been exploring Cam mechanisms and are designing, making and evaluating the own moving toys. This is requiring Year 5 to use all learning powers which they have been doing fantastically.  They have demonstrated originality in their designs, problem-solving and resilience to overcome any problems when making them, focus and independence when making their toys.


This half term the children are focusing on Bon Appetit, Bon Sante.  They are looking at and learning to say the foods that are both good and bad for their health, they are learning how to discuss their preferences and to give reasons for their choices. 

In P.E.  we have been exploring with ball control, reaction times and developing hand eye co-ordination


This half term the children are having an amazing amount of fun learning all about musical notes and how to play the tenor horn.


This half term the children are looking at properties and changes in materials.  They have been predicting which materials they think would dissolve to form a solution, they then conducted fair tests in order to prove or disprove their predictions.

Maths – This half term we have been focussing on place value, and today were looing at Roman Numerals, the children used lolly ice sticks to make their Roman numerals up to 10,000 and then completed a variety of challenges.


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