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Year 4 Literacy Glossary

No Pens Day 2017

The children played games in order to develop their speaking and listening skills, teamwork and collaborative skills as well as developing their use of powerful words and speed at times tables, addition and subtraction facts


Year 4 have been looking at stories with familiar settings.  The children devised questions to ask characters from Horrid Henry and then they practised hot-seating ( pretending to be that character and answering questions in that role) in order to develop speaking and listening skills.  The children performed very well!!

We have been rehearsing and performing fables, practising our speaking and listening skills and our confidence at performing in front of an audience.  The children also used their inference skills to see if they could guess the moral

Visit by Author and Poet Paul Delaney


The children have been looking at their families.  The children brought in items from home that reminded them of members of their families and presented them to the class.  The children then asked and answered questions about their family and completed their own family tree.

Year 4 PE


This half term the children will be investigating how technology has changed over the years and creating their own blog.  The children looked at examples of technology from the 1970’s and 80’s.


Year 4 investigated rivers and looked at the importance of the River Ganges to India.  They used their map skills to locate India on a world Map and to identify rivers.  The children researched the uses of rivers and presented their findings to the class.  They then made models of rivers and labelled the features using the geographical terms that they had learnt.

Year Three enjoyed visiting Year Four for the day!!!


Summer trip to Freshfields, Formby.

The children had a fantastic time, they saw squirrels and rabbits and investigated different habitats.  The children explored the pastime of tree climbing and then went onto the beach.  Well done Year 4, you were fantastic!