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Relationships and Sex Education  letter to Parents

Journey In Love

Click on the link for the content of Journey in Love for your child. All the information that Journey in Love covers is very age appropriate and is recommended by the Catholic Church.

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Year 4 Literacy Glossary

School trip – Freshfields 2018

The children had a fantastic time and were all superstars.  Not many squirrels spotted but lots of Year 4 children found in the trees!!

Sports Week 2018

Year 4 have had a fantastic week of sports.  We have been swimming, played cricket, football rounders and have been ice skating.  Year 3 and 4 met up for a mini olympics and the week was rounded off with a world cup tournament.  A fantastic week was had by all !!


D.T Week 2018

The children investigated different types of alarms and then designed, made and evaluated their own systems designed to catch a thief. They explored on/off, push to make and push to break switches in their systems. All alarms worked and caught the thief. Well done Year 4!


British Science Week

Year Four had a fantastic week investigated surface tension in water, making slime, investigating clockwork reels and making paper.  The children all loved explaining and demonstrating to their parents in our science workshop.  Well done children!


Cultural Trip – Two Cathedrals 2018

The children enjoyed their cultural trip.  They visited the Metroploitan  and Anglican Cathedrals as well as looking at a variety of art installations, The Philharmonic hall and Everyman theatre – a very cultural day!

World Book Day 2018



The children listened to John Burland’s song ‘We Praise You God’ and created a dance, which they then performed in front of the class

Year Four Reading Together Workshop

Year 4 parents and Carers were invited in to share in some of the interactive ways that we teach reading in our class.  It was a fantastic turn out, thank you all so much!

Ambition Week 2018!

Once again we had a range of inspirational visitors in to our class from a wide range of professions to open the children’s eyes to the multitude of occupations available for them.  The children loved listening to them and responding with fascinating questions.


Maths Day 2107

The children completed a variety of puzzles and solved different addition, conversion, Roman numeral, subtraction, multiplication and division problems in order to solve the mystery of who ate Mrs Claus’ Christmas cake.


We love Science!

Year 4 conducted a practical experiment in order to investigate what happens to the food that we eat as it travels around our bodies.

The children have designed and carried out their own experiment to investigate the effect of different types of liquids have on their teeth.

We went on a walk around the local area and identified and classified the plants that we found.

Geography Week 2018

As part of our Geography topic Year 4 investigated why Liverpool is such a cool place to live, they demonstrated their map reading skills as well as identifying human and physical characteristics of a place and the benefits and disadvantages of living in a city compared to the countryside.



We have been making creatures and creating an algorithm in order to enable the lego character complete a circuit of the table, we have planned and created our own cities using either Toca builder or Minecraft.

Art Week 2017

The children researched Frank Green (a local artist) and the buildings that he has painted.  They then experimented with a range of different techniques and medium in order to achieve their desired effect and discussed which technique they preferred and why.  The children then produced a finished piece using their favourite technique.

No Pens Day 2017

The children played games in order to develop their speaking and listening skills, teamwork and collaborative skills as well as developing their use of powerful words and speed at times tables, addition and subtraction facts


As part of our topic on instructions the children followed instructions to make strawberry smoothies, they then wrote their own set of instructions.

Year 4 have been looking at stories with familiar settings.  The children devised questions to ask characters from Horrid Henry and then they practised hot-seating ( pretending to be that character and answering questions in that role) in order to develop speaking and listening skills.  The children performed very well!!

We have been rehearsing and performing fables, practising our speaking and listening skills and our confidence at performing in front of an audience.  The children also used their inference skills to see if they could guess the moral

Visit by Author and Poet Paul Delaney


D.T Week 2017

We have been designing, making and evaluating our own kites.


As part of our history topic on Roman the children have been learning about Roman Numerals and played Roman Numeral bingo, listening t numbers in English and then translating them into the Roman Numeral.

Year 4 PE


This half term the children will be investigating how technology has changed over the years and creating their own blog.  The children looked at examples of technology from the 1970’s and 80’s.


Year 4 investigated rivers and looked at the importance of the River Ganges to India.  They used their map skills to locate India on a world Map and to identify rivers.  The children researched the uses of rivers and presented their findings to the class.  They then made models of rivers and labelled the features using the geographical terms that they had learnt.