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Home Learning

At St Leo’s and Southmead we believe that all of our children deserve a full and balanced education at all times, regardless of whether they are in school or at home.  In order to ensure that our pupils and parents feel fully supported when forced to educate at home, we have introduced a two-tiered approach which enables full access to our curriculum goals.






Remote Learning

Remote Learning will be available to individual children who are isolating at home due to a member of their household either being diagnosed with Covid or displaying symptoms.  If the child is isolating due to them displaying symptoms, they are encouraged to access remote learning if they are well enough to do so.

As with our usual process, school will contact all parents on the first day of absence to find out why their child has not attended.  If the child is isolating for any of the above reasons, we will inform the Class Teacher who will make contact with his or her parents via Class Dojo before the end of the school day.

The Dojo message sent will include an ‘Isolation Timetable’ which will clearly show the objectives being taught in class that week for each subject on each day.  Parents will be asked to follow the timetable each day and use the resources on the school website to complete work linked to the objectives. 

Throughout the isolation period, Class Teachers will be contactable via Class Dojo at the start and end of each school day due to them teaching the rest of the class between 8.45am and 3.15pm.  However, if you message them any questions they will get back to you as soon as they can. 

Remote Learning will enable all children to keep abreast of the objectives being taught in school whilst ensuring they keep themselves and those around them safe!

Blended Learning

Blending Learning will be put in place when we close a bubble.  This means that all children and staff (from an individual bubble) will isolate at home for a set period of time due to a confirmed case of Covid in that particular bubble.

If we move to  Blended Learning, every child will be given an exercise book, maths work book and stationary pack.  If needed, school will deliver these resources so that all children has them during the isolation period.

On the first day of isolation, your class teacher will share a Blended Learning Timetable with you which will clearly show all of the lessons for each day that week.  Class Teachers will post work at he start of each day along with a mixture of links, videos and resources to support learning. 

In order to answer questions, give feedback on work completed and award praise to children, class teachers and TAs will be online throughout the school day.  We ask that you send them pictures of work completed and direct and questions towards them so that they can be there for you and your child as much as possible!

And finally, once the isolation period is over, we ask that your child return to school with their Maths work book and Blended Learning Exercise book. 

By using Blended Learning we can ensure that all children follow our carefully planned curriculum whilst working from home, enabling them to settle back into school as quickly as possible with limited gaps in their learning.

We fully appreciate that children learn better when they are in school, which is why we aim to support our parents every step of the way!  All communication between Teachers, Teaching Assistants and Parents is done through Class Dojo – we are here to help as much as we can!   Parents are also encouraged to visit the school website regularly in order to access a wide variety of quality resources which have been selected for their child’s year group.

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