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Super Learning Powers

At St Leo’s and Southmead it is our vision that all children leave us in Year 6 with the tools they need to be effective lifelong learners. 

In order to help our children achieve this goal, we encourage them to use their ‘Super Learning Powers’ in every aspect of school life and beyond. We actively encourage each and every child in our school to be resilient, original, independent, focused, to work collaboratively and be able to problem solve!


We don’t give up when things get tough, we learn from our mistakes, we can cope when things don’t go the way we had planned.


We are confident of our own ideas, we are not scared to think outside of the box, we celebrate our differences.

Problem Solving

We push ourselves to be the best we can be, we don’t take the easy option, we tackle problems one step at a time.


We are able to work without distraction, we do one thing at a time, we stay on task and get our work done.


We can work as part of a team, we share our ideas and listen to the ideas of other people, we communicate in a positive manner.


We take responsibility for our own work, we use our initiative to make good decisions,   we assess our own work to see how to make it better.

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