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 We provide a safe interactive curriculum through which all children can achieve regardless of their level of need or ability.  Our aim is to nurture children who are confident and  resilient, who will strive to achieve their personal best.  By providing a broad and balanced curriculum with opportunities for all to enjoy, our Physical Education aims to ensure that all pupils develop the fundamental skills and competence to excel in a wide range of physical activities and sports.  Through the delivery of PE, children learn the importance of leading a healthy and active lifestyle, improving emotional well-being and developing their decision making and evaluation skills.




We actively inspire our children to challenge themselves to perform outside of their comfort zone in a range of physical disciplines, recognising the impact physical activity can have in their physical, social, and emotional health and wellbeing.  Every opportunity is harnessed to learn about famous and inspirational sports people, for example, Marcus Rashford or Jesse Owens.  The children participate in both intra and inter school sports competitions at a local level and are encouraged to celebrate with their class mates any personal achievements.  Our professional sports coach delivers and supports in the delivery of subject specialist led sessions, ensuring that the children achieve their full  potential.  Our children have opportunities to meet and work with athletes from a variety of sports and institutions such as L.F.C., Paralympians and Olympians.



The children’s abilities are continuously assessed, both within the lesson and formally each half term using target tracker.  This information feeds into the formation of aspirational targets for each child, in addition to identifying any children requiring further support.  We strive to provide our children with the opportunities to enable them to become the healthiest or best athlete, gymnast or team player they can be.  It is our intention that all children will leave St Leo’s and Southmead with an understanding about the importance of PE, physical activity and sport, understanding how exercise affects the body and the risk factors associated with not leading a healthy, active lifestyle.

Curriculum P.E.

Year 5 P.E.


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