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“I couldn’t play an instrument before I started this school, but now I can!  I love music because you can be who you want to be and really express yourself!”


 Music is an amazing way to experience the world and excite the curiosity of young minds.  Our curriculum provides the foundations for a skill which can be developed throughout childhood and enjoyed later on in life.  We help the children to express their thoughts and ideas creatively through music as well as helping them to develop an appreciation of music across different genres and eras.


In our school we foster a love of music, inspiring interests and talents as musicians.  We develop the children’s self confidence, creativity and sense of achievement.  In our school we enable each child to learn an instrument at key stage 2 as well as develop skills in singing.  Music is intertwined into the curriculum inspiring the children to learn topics across the curriculum through music.


Our children will succeed in music by being actively involved in their own learning, ensuring we recognise and celebrate their achievements.  We endeavour to aim high, enabling children to reach their intended goals and beyond.  Through our range of musical activities and achievements offered in our school we will develop successful, lifelong learners who develop into confident, independent learners with a skill for life!

Knowledge Organisers

1 Music Knowledge Organiser Summer 2 Reflect, rewind and replay pdf


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