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“History is awesome because you get to research the past and learn about people who were alive before us.  It also teaches us to learn from our mistakes so we can make our world a better place.”


 Through the teaching of history we nurture valuable research skills in a safe environment, opening our children’s minds to an understanding of different eras as well as exploring how this has impacted on us today.  Through the topics we teach we encourage empathy and tolerance; helping our children to recognise that there are different cultures and points of view to those that we experience ourselves.   Inclusivity is at the forefront of our history curriculum, all children have access to a carefully planned programme of work which will nurture their love of the past as well as developing an appreciation for how the world is constantly changing.


Throughout our history curriculum we endeavour to inspire our children to become historians of the future! We encourage their enthusiasm by ensuring the topics taught are carefully planned for each individual cohort. We have a ‘memorable activity’ for each topic taught with children experiencing a variety of engaging activities such as educational visits and practical projects. We want our children to  be curious about the past and encourage them to use a variety of mediums such as books, computers and first had accounts to help them investigate and explore a variety of significant historical events.


We use a combination of teacher assessment and target tracker to monitor the progress and attainment of our children.  In order to ensure our children meet or exceed their true potential in history, we complete a knowledge cloud and KASH assessment before each topic which clearly identifies the individual needs of each cohort and enables children of all abilities to succeed.  We have identified the key knowledge, skills and vocabulary that all children should learn through this subject and deliver our bespoke curriculum through quality first teaching.

A Walk Through Time


History In Our School 

Toys in the Past


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