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Year 5 Blog

Welcome to the Year 5 blog, we will post photographs of work completed each half term and keep you up to date with exciting events in class.

Spring term 2024


This half term in Science the children have been learning about Earth and Space, they have been discovering that the Earth and Moon are celestial bodies and the direction in which they orbit the sun. as part of this topic we were lucky enough to be able to visit Jodrell Bank.


This half term the children are developing their skills of balance, control and co-ordination through dance and gymnastics. the children have shown fantastic originality and resilience!


year 5 are learning about rooms and objects around the house, Dans la maison. they have been practising their pronunciation, completing assignments on the Ipdas and playing snap games to develop their skills

1st Half Autumn term 2023


The children have been exploring and recognising Roman numerals, they correctly comprised the Roman numerals for given numbers and investigating the value of each digit in 6 digit numbers.


This half term the children are looking at properties and changes in materials.  They have been predicting which materials they think would dissolve to form a solution, they then conducted fair tests in order to prove or disprove their predictions and exploring a variety of ways to separate materials during reversible changes.


During the 1st week all of the children have been discussing refugees and displacement using the text Lily and the Polar bears. Year 5 have planned and written their own versions using endangered animals to represent the plight of refugees


The children have been exploring useful phrases, playing games and using the Ipads to practice their listening skills and knowledge of phrases.


This half term in P.E. the children are practising a variety of invasive and defensive manoeuvres through handball and hockey.  The children are doing fantastically with these and developing their competetive spirit.  They have demonstrated superb listening and dribbling skills.


The children explored how big North America is and then practised their map skills by locating the 23 countries of North America.


The children were investigating and celebrating their own unique talents and qualities, recognising that we are all made in God’s image.


This half term, the children have been learning about World War 1 – which countries were involved, they have been investigating the events that led to the start of the War.


The children have been exploring pulse and beat within the genre of soft rock.


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