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Year 2 Blog

Welcome to the Year Two Blog, we will post photographs and updates of work completed each term

Religious Education
This term we have learned about Baptism and Belonging, Judaism, Signs and Symbols and Advent. We made Havdalah candles and for Advent we made a lantern showing pictures of Jesus’ Birth. 


 In Maths we like to use equipment to help us with our learning.


In Science we have learned about Keeping Healthy and Everyday Materials. We conducted an experiment to test the absorbency of some materials.


This Autumn term we have been learning about the events leading up to and following the sinking of the Titanic. We have had lots of fun using diaries, newspaper reports and the I Pads to research facts. We visited the Titanic Exhibition at the Maritime Museum in Liverpool. Some of us even made models of the Titanic at home.

Physical Education

This half term in P.E. we have been exploring Ball Skills and fittness.  


Over Autumn we were looking at Continents, Countries, Oceans and our local area. We discovered new places and facts and even worked hard on collaboration to show how well we can work together to find countries in Europe by only using an Atlas!


This Autumn term we have been exploring the work of L S Lowry. His work provided us with lots of inspiration to create our own pieces of work. We studied his work and used his sketching techniques.


In DT we learned about various types of puppets then we designed and made our own hand puppets. 


In Music we follow the programme Charanga which introduces us to lots of different styles of music. We also learn how to play the glockenspiel.

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