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Year 2 Blog

Welcome to the Year Two Blog, we will post photographs of work completed each half term and keep you up to date with news of exciting future events.  


This year we are developing our singing skills each week with Mrs Walton from Knowsley Performing Arts Service. Each week we focus, and show resilience when learning new skills and take pride in performing songs learnt.  

Circus Day 

We all thoroughly enjoyed watching the circus show before working with the performers to learn circus skills. 

Samba Day 

It was amazing learning how to make Samba music. Through focus and resilience we created our very own Samba band.


In Science we have been learning about health and growth. We investigated how to remove bacteria from our hands.

Design Technology 

In Design Technology we have been designing and making hand puppets. We needed to use our super learning powers of resilience and focus to turn our designs into reality.

Celebrating Our Differences 

As part of Anti bullying week we have been discussing and celebrating our gifts, talents and differences. At the end of the week we all came to school wearing odd socks to celebrate how unique we all are. 


This half term we have been learning about the events leading up to and following the sinking of the Titanic. We have had lots of fun using diaries, newspaper reports and the I Pads to research facts. 

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