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Year 1 Blog

Welcome to the Year 1 blog, we will post photographs of work and keep you up to date with the exciting learning we do in Year 1. 

In this Autumn term we have done,        


The children have enjoyed looking at light in science. One of the highlights of our science lessons is experimenting with different sources of light to create shadows.   

 Shadow 1Shadow 2Shadow 3




                                                          This term the children worked on balance and stability. The children used different PE equipment to help develop their                                                                  techniques.  


                                                                  This term the children have worked on addition and subtraction to 10. They have used objects and number lines to                                                                                 workout their answers. 


                                 This term in History we looked at toys in the past. The children enjoyed playing with the toys that were from the past. 


 Toys 1Toys 2Toys 3

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