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Year 1 Blog

Welcome to the Year 1 blog, we will post photographs of work and keep you up to date with the exciting learning we do in Year 1. 


Our Summer term topic was to look at the work of Andy Goulding. We had our lesson in the outdoor classroom and created our own art out of the natural objects we found.

Come and See (RE)

Summer 1 topic – Serving. We have been learning about Holidays and Holydays, in particular the Holy Day of Pentecost and the gift of the Holy Spirit. 

Spring topic – Growing. We discussed how when we grow we change and gain new skills and knowledge. With Jesus in our hearts we can achieve our dreams. 


Our DT topic for the Spring Term was to design and make a plate. During our research we visited the ‘Plate Museum’ and then we brought our designs to life with salt dough and paints. 


One of the books we have read was called ‘Stanley’s Stick’. We had fun thinking up different uses for our sticks and using it to write in the sand with, just as Stanley did.


World Book Day 


We have been learning about the difference between urban, countryside and city landscapes. We have also been looking the different points on a compass and how to locate different places on a map.


Our Spring Topic for Geography is ‘Seasides in the past’. We enjoyed our beach day at school and looking at how life has changed over the past 200 years. 


We enjoy following the Charanga programme in our music lessons and learning to play the glockenspiel. 


On 23rd March 2022 we celebrated World Maths day. We dressed in clothes with numbers or shapes on and had fun creating tessellating patterns and completing a maths scavenger hunt.


We enjoy science and learning about lots of different things and we love doing experiments.

During science week we visited St Helen’s Glass museum and learned how glass is made from sand and blown into various shapes. 

We also enjoyed completing experiments. 

We enjoyed having caterpillars as class pets for a while and loved learning about how they transform into butterflies. We even set up a time lapse camera on the class iPad which captured the caterpillar changing into a chrysalis! 

Special Days

Celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

We had a really fun dressing up as Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses or wearing something red, white and blue. The whole school had a picnic outside and we were entertained by some of the talented members of the juniors. We had some scones and jam in class followed by a game of stick the diamond on the crown.


Pancake Day – We learned about shrove Tuesday and then made decorated some pancakes.


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