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Our Governors

In our school we have a dynamic, hard working and very involved Governing Body.  They work alongside the children in the classrooms and each class has its own Governor.  The Governors know the children and more importantly the children know the Governors.  We all work together to make this school a wonderful learning place for all.

Our Full Governing Body

Chair Person Mr Ian Jardine – Foundation Governor

Vice Chair Person Mrs Patricia McDonald Holmes – Foundation Governor

Miss Helen McParland – Foundation Governor

Mr Michael Brooks- Foundation Governor

Mrs Jenny Webster – Foundation Governor                                            

Mrs Alison Smyth – Foundation Governor

Mrs Jackie Lunt – Parent Governor

Mrs Claire Bland – Parent Governor

Mrs Carmel Salem – Local Authority Governor

Mrs Claire McGuinness – Staff Governor

 Headteacher – Mrs Angela Tambourini

Clerk to Governors Mrs Elaine Clarke


Broadly, the governing body is statutorily responsible for:

  • Deciding, with the Headteacher, the aims and policies of the school, and how the standards of education can be improved.
  • Deciding, in general terms, how the school should operate.
  • Helping to draw up, with the Headteacher and staff, the school development plan.
  • Deciding how to spend the school’s budget.
  • Making sure that the National Curriculum and religious education are taught.
  • Selecting the Headteacher.
  • Selecting the Deputy Headteacher(s).
  • Choosing, promoting, supporting and disciplining other school in consultation with the Headteacher.
  • Acting as a link between the local community and the school.
  • Drawing up the action plan after an inspection and monitoring its implementation.

In practice, all these duties, apart from the appointment of the Headteacher, are carried out in close consultation with the Headteacher and in some instances with other members of the staff group.

The Headteacher is accountable to the governing body for the management of the curriculum and the school.

If you would like to meet and speak to one of the Governors please contact Mrs E. Clarke in the School Office, who is the Clerk to Governors and she will organise an appointment for you.

Governors Register of Business Interests 2023-2023………. Non Declared

Governor Attendance

Governors Meeting Dates and Attendance 21-22

Governors Meeting Dates and Attendance 22-23


Roles and Responsibilities of Governors





(sub committee of Standards)

4.Staff Discipline

6Pay review Committee &

Including HT Performance management (Sub Committee of Resources) – No Staff

7.Complaints & Pupil Discipline

Ø  Standards –pupil progress and attainment

Ø  Quality of Teaching

Ø  Curriculum

Ø  PM for teachers

Ø  Pupil Welfare &  safeguarding


Ø  PE Premium

Ø  Pupil  Premium

Ø  Monitor website

Ø  policies

Ø  Finances

Ø  Personnel

Ø  Health and safety

Ø  Buildings

Ø  Pupil Premium

Ø  Policies


Ø  Review  and agree the admission policy

Ø  Agree the admissions list

Ø  Agree any decisions relating to oversubscription


Ø  Issues relating to staff discipline

Ø  Responsible for HT PM.

Ø  Takes place in the Autumn term.

Ø  2 hour meeting

Ø  Review and set targets.

Ø  Consider pay review for HT

Ø  Monitored throughout the year via FG and HT report

Ø  Led by Dave Blackburne previously

Ø  Issues relating to complaints

5.Staff Appeals

Complaints appeals

Ø  Issues relating to staff appeals

Ø  Issues relating to complaints  appeals

·         Pat McDonald Holmes (Chair)

·         Claire Bland

·         Jacke Lunt

·         Claire McGuinness

·         Jenny Webster




·         Ian Jardine (Chair)

·         Carmel Salem

·         Helen McPartland

·         Michael Brooks

·         Debra Smith (Sponsor)

·         Pat McDonald Holmes

·         Claire Bland

·         Ian Jardine

·         Carmel Salem

·         Ian Jardine

·         Helen McPartland

·         Michael Brooks

·         Ian Jardine

·         Jenny Webster

·         Pat McDonald Holmes

·         Jenny Webster

·         Pat McDonald Holmes

·         Carmel Salem



Specific Link



Carmel Salem


Jackie Lunt

Year 1

Claire Bland

Year 2

Helen McParland

Year 3

Pat McDonald Holmes

Year 4

Ian Jardine

Year 5

Jenny Webster

Year 6

Michael Brooks


Carmel Salem


Michael Brooks

Pupil Premium

Ian Jardine

Health and Safety

Claire Bland

Religious Education


Jenny Webster

Cultural Capital

Pat McDonald


Jackie Lunt


Helen McParland

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