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“I love Design Technology because you get to design and make things. We even get to make food and take it home to eat – that is my favourite part.”


At St. Leo’s and Southmead, we prioritise providing a DT curriculum that nurtures creativity and innovation. We deliver a themed approach that is accessible to all, and all children are given the space and opportunity to succeed throughout their DT experiences. We promote originality throughout the DT process of designing, making and evaluating. 

In our lessons, providing opportunities for creative risk-taking and problem-solving is paramount. Through the testing, critiquing and evaluating process, we foster an environment rich in resilience and problem-solving, where finding new ways to work and learning from mistakes is encouraged.


We ensure that DT is inspirational throughout the school, we study real-life examples of existing products and makers, evaluating their successes and how we would improve them. We have created opportunities during Ambition week to talk to engineers from Eon Coventry, designers of VR and games from Seymour Powell London and we are involved with the James Dyson Foundation to inspire young engineers of the future. We know this will inspire our children by showing them the possibilities that DT can provide in their future careers – we want them to see that anything is possible! 

We know our DT curriculum inspires children to foster their individuality and creativity. We give space for children to explore and experiment with their DT knowledge and skills putting them into a real-life context. 


Our DT curriculum sets children up with lots of practical skills for life. We ensure all of our children succeed in DT education by completing tailored planning, using KASH documents. We take account of children’s different strengths and starting points, and plan activities and learning opportunities precisely crafted for them.

We are proud of our children’s achievements in DT, and we want each child to have the opportunity to show off their talents and final products. In each topic of DT, we endorse both skills mastered and mistakes that we learn from.

Our children’s achievements in DT are recognised, and celebrated through display, certificates and positive feedback. 


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