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“You get to be an expolrer in geography, it is wonderful to learn all about the beauty of our world!”


In Geography at St.Leo’s and Southmead, we want to nurture a love and respect for the world in which they live and how they can be instrumental in protecting it in all of our pupils. We encourage them to develop an appreciation for their environment and explore it through visits and residentials where they can practise field work skills. Educational visits are a key feature of the curriculum where the children can develop their skills of problem solving and collaboration and enhance their natural curiosity about the world around us. The children will have opportunities to analyse and communicate their findings. We ensure that all children are able to access the Geography curriculum in order to develop the knowledge of and ever-changing world. 


We strive to inspire all pupils to develop a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people, to be inspired to become future Geographers and take responsibility for looking after our amazing planet. We want them to pose and investigate questions about the natural and human features of the world and provide them with inspirational memories. The children are immersed in Geographical experiences throughout the school journey with us, year 6 go to London and there are other residentials. We want children to discover and celebrate differences and similarities in cultures and environments and appreciate diversity, which should underpin everything they do in life.



Children’s success will be celebrated and their achievements acknowledged through work displayed and certificates sent home. Termly assessment is used alongside target tracker to ensure that all children reach their full potential in this wonderful subject. Pre-assessment activities are completed by all children, such as knowledge clouds prior to learning about the topic, which informs planning and determines what they are taught. Teachers record this on KASH documents alongside the knowledge and skills within the topic.

“We want to bridge divides and bring people together” Barack Obama

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