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Behaviour Policy 2018-2019

Attendance Policy 2018-2019

E-Safety Policy 2017-2018

Child Protection Policy and Procedures 2017-2018

Equality Overview and Scheme 2017-2018

Admissions Policy 2020-2021

SIF Primary Catholic Admissions

Admissions Policy 2019-2020

Admissions Policy 2018-2019

Admissions Policy 2017-2018 

This school is not proposing any changes to its policy or admission number for September 2017.

You can make an objection to the Office of Schools Adjudicator (OSA) if you think that the admission arrangements of a maintained school or academy do not comply with the ‘School Admissions Code’ or other legislation relating to school admissions.  Details of how to object are available on

The latest date for submission is 15 May 2016.

Admission to Knowsley Catholic/Joint Faith Primary Schools 2016/2017 Supplementary Information Form

Consultation on School Admissions Arrangements, school year 2016/2017

The consultation on admission arrangements for the school year beginning in September 2016 is now under way. This relates to the admission policy used by the school and the number of places offered. It also gives details of the process for applying. The consultation runs 15/12/14 to 13/02/15. Further details can be found by accessing this link :

This school is not proposing any changes to its policy or admission number for Sept 2016.

British Values & Mission Statement

Anti-Bullying Pol 2018-2019

Charging Policy 2018-2019

Primary Physical Education and Sport Premium Document

School Local Offer 2017-2018

Allegations-Management Policy 2017-2018

Bereavement Guidelines Policy 2018

Preventing Terrorism

SEND Policy 2018 – 2019

Tackling Extremism and Radicalisation policy 2017

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