Year 3

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Class Curriculum Map Spring Term 2018

Parents Guide Year 3  –  New Curriculum 2015

Year 3 Literacy Glossary

Journey In Love

Click on the link for the content of Journey in Love for your child. All the information that Journey in Love covers is very age appropriate and is recommended by the Catholic Church.


We had fun using technology to make our own advent calendar. Click on the link below.


The children have been exploring the local environment looking for different types of rocks.

Year 3 have been investigating magnetic and non magnetic materials.


The children have been selecting instruments to represent the different sounds that might be heard on a building site.


The children enjoyed finding out about life in Prehistoric Times. They experimented with cave art and made their own antler headdress.

Year 2 enjoyed visiting Year 3

The children in Year 3 spent time with the famous poet Paul Delaney!!

They listened to him reciting some of his poems before writing one of their own.

Keeping Fit in Year Three


The children have been looking at the importance of algorithms (instructions) to make their robots/ characters move.

The children enjoyed using their sketch books during Art Week