Year 4

Class Curriculum Map – Help At Home Autumn 2018

Relationships and Sex Education  letter to Parents

Year 4 Literacy Glossary

Journey In Love

Click on the link for the content of Journey in Love for your child. All the information that Journey in Love covers is very age appropriate and is recommended by the Catholic Church.











As part of our topic on People, the children have been looking at the people who are important to them and how much our families do for us.  Everybody brought in and presented items that were significant about ourselves and our families.


As part of our topic ‘We built this city, the children designed their own 3D houses and worked in pairs to build them using simulator software

Art week 2018

The children investigated using different media to represent famous Liverpool landmarks in the style of Frank Green.

Restart a heart!

The children learnt valuable life saving CPR skills during the workshop.


We rehearsed and performed fables in front of the rest of the class.  the children then went on to plan and write their own fables.

Year Four hot-seated characters from Horrid Henry to practise their speaking and listening skills.  the children answered interview questions in character.


The children have had a fantastic time learning key skills for teamwork such as communication, passing, ball control, receiving and ensuring all team members are involved in the play.


Year 4 have been investigating how much technology has changed.  They handled and explored examples of equipment from before they were born and compared it to the technology today.

Science in Year 4

The children have been exploring which animals live in our local area and went on a walk to look at different habitats

Geography Week 2018

Year 4 investigated the features of rivers and looked at the importance of the River Ganges to the people of India. They used their map skills to locate India on a world Map and to identify rivers. The children researched the uses of rivers and presented their findings in a power point presentation. They then made models of rivers and labelled the features using the geographical terms that they had learnt and presented them to the rest of the class.

Transition Day

The children  really enjoyed their first visit to their new class.