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Our named Sendco is Mrs K Snape
St. Leo’s and Southmead Catholic Primary School aims to be an inclusive school which meets the needs of all pupils. We aim to provide a caring supportive environment for all our pupils, where all of our children are nurtured, valued and succeed. Inclusion is about the presence, participation and achievement of all pupils by identifying and removing any potential barriers to learning and making reasonable adjustments to ensure that all children can participate in all activities. If your child is identified as needing additional help, the first thing we as a school would do is speak to you to discuss your child’s needs, our process is outlined below.
Identification Process
Supporting Behaviour
We strive for early identification and if you have concerns about your child, or if staff identify any concerns we will first plan a short intervention programme for them to take part in. If this does not address the issue, an identification form will then be completed and your child will have a personalised provision plan (PPP) with achievable targets set.
This will then be reviewed termly (Plan, Do & Review cycle) in a meeting with parents, class teacher and either Mrs Snape (SENDCO) or Mrs Tambourini. Once your child has had a PPP for a period of 12 months, we will review the next steps and decide together whether your child requires any further support or indeed should be removed from the SEND register due to progress made.
For more information please download a copy of our school’s SEN information below.

Send Policy 2022-2023
Send Information Report

St Leo whole school provision map

Public Sector statement and Equality and Diversity Policy 2022

Access Policy and Plan 2021-2024


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