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School Curriculum Map 2017-2018 Science

Science Policy

Science encompasses all that we do and enables the children to understand the world around them. The school has achieved the Silver Award for PSQM (Primary Science Quality Mark – a national accreditation scheme to recognise the work we have done in science). The children have undertaken a variety of science projects and have taught science lessons to their parents this year. Below are just a few examples of the various activities we have undertaken this year.

Big Bang Science-Autumn 2017

The children attended a big bang science show and learnt all about how forces operate and why certain things happen.

British Science Week across the School

The children right across the school looked at the theme of change and took part in a variety of experiments designed by the children around change.  There were a range of activities in each year group.  Here are just a few examples. Changing the colour of flowers (Nursery). Exploring chromatography (Year 1). Making racing rockets and exploring changing states (Year 2). Making lava lamps – looking at  differences and changes in materials(Year 3). Making paper and investigating how to affect the surface tension of materials (Year 4). Making rubber balls and exploring how to change the properties of materials in Year 5, Year 6 made milk sculptures and investigated how adding an acid could change the milk.

Parents Science Fair

As a culmination to our week of science, we invited the parents in for the children to teach them all about the scientific principles they had been learning about in class.  Our children became the teachers!

Ministry Of Science Live Show

Children from Year 2-6 went on an educational visit to the Ministry of Science show where they saw chemical reactions and science in action.  They learnt about some of the most important scientific discoveries and the scientists who made them.  Following this the parents were invited to take part in a science lesson taught by their children.

Science Around Our School

Year 3

The children have been exploring the local environment identifying different types of rocks.

Investigating Magnets

Year 3 have been investigating magnetic and non magnetic materials

Year 4 Investigating the journey that food takes through our bodies!

Year 4 Science Investigation into how liquids can affect our teeth

Year 5 Science Investigations